The Digital Marketing Process


Step 1 – Digital Marketing Process Overview

The process will begin with you being given some Digital Marketing overview documents. To get you familiar with our Digital Marketing “Recipe”. 



Step 2 – Build a Digital Marketing Campaign 

Prior to the first meeting with the students, you will be given a basic Digital Marketing Planning document to review and fill in some important information to aid the first meeting. The degree of support is dependent upon if you want to have Paid or Unpaid Student support. If Unpaid support is desired, you will be undertaking most aspects of the Campaign, with our support. If Paid, we will put you into a “Digital Agency” structure, where will undertake much of the work. 



Step 3 – SEO Rich Keyword Search Phrases

You determine what potential customers are searching in Google to get to your Webpage.

Step 4 – Content Creation & SEO

Using the Keyword Search Phrase, we are now going to build a related Website Content Page. 

Your Webpage content is optimized for SEO. 



Step 5 – Promotion Content Via Social Media

Develop your Social Media Platforms. And then post social content. 

Step 6 – Influencers/Backlinks Reach Out

Formulate a list of possible Influencers to reach out to for support. 

Then reach out and see if you can achieve some inbound click support. 

Step 7 – Email Promotion (optional) 

You will have set up a CRM and Email system such as Hubspot and/or Mailchimp. 

Send out promotional emails. 



Step 8 – Setup Paid Google Ads  and Social (optional)

NOTE: Your Digital Marketing efforts will begin with non-paid, but we can start the process of getting your started with Google Ads. 

Setup a Google Ads account. Structure a Google Ads account and promotion. 

Setup up Social paid advertising.



Step 9 – Campaign Analytics & Evaluation 

Reading your Google Analytics/Search Console you will evaluate your Digital Platforms and Tactics. 

Step 10 – Feedback on Campaign Analytics & Evaluation

Review and analyze your Campaign effectiveness. 


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