Dealing With New Uncertainty As A Sheridan Student

The new reality seems daunting and a little scary to everyone, especially to students. The prosperous economy has slowed and the many jobs that were around at the beginning of the year are no longer. I think one thing most of us can agree on is that graduating as a Sheridan student this year, next year or the following is a daunting prospect. Read more about how Canadian students are feeling about the impact of the pandemic here.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shifted the world but that doesn’t mean we can’t move with it.

The changing world because of the Pandemic.

The reality is the world has always been shifting and moving one way or the other. This shift just appears more drastic than some in the more recent past. However, there are always ways to adapt. Adaptation is the human races speciality when it comes down to it. So how do students adapt?

How Do I Adapt as a Sheridan Student?

Well, that’s a great question and one that can be answered with the simple response; acquire new skills. Like I mentioned earlier, adaptation is the speciality of humanity throughout all of history. You will adapt, we will adapt, the world will adapt to this new reality. Think of everything you learn through your time as a student as tools in your toolbox. Really, one can never have enough tools.

Add tools to your tool box as a Sheridan Student

So What New Skills Should I Learn?

The truth is the digital world is more important than ever before. The world has run towards e-commerce and digital marketing at a mad dash because of the Lockdown.

Learn how to take advantage of the digital environment

Therefore, learning new skills and tools as a Sheridan student to function in the digital environment is a great option for becoming a valuable asset. Not only will digital skills help you get interviews but, digital skills are a tool in your toolbox for anything and everything the world can throw your way.

Want to work for a small company?

Learning how to do digital marketing including, social media management, content writing, SEO analysis and Webdesign make you an invaluable asset to any small business.

Want to work for a big corporation?

You could become the one who’s familiar with a little bit of everything, essentially the Swiss army knife of their team. From digital campaign strategy to content marketing. Check out our other blog post on 3 Ways How to Become a Qualified Candidate for Digital Marketing Job?

Do you want to walk the path of an entrepreneur?

You may be thinking that seems like an impossible task now because of the economic situation developing from the pandemic. However, small business is the backbone of the Canadian Economy. A whopping 97% of the Canadian economy is made up of small to medium-sized businesses. So, being a Sheridan student you can have a head start to understanding how you can navigate your new business. How to digitally market it and grow a consumer base. Learn how to develop a website and optimize it for search. The list of skills goes on.

Aquire the New Skills You Need!

Study the skills you need to get a job post graduation

Okay, So you may be a Sheridan Student currently, or you might be looking into enrolling. So what should you do? How should you go about acquiring these much needed digital skills to adapt and navigate the new normal?

Well, simply said you have to be taking classes that teach you about the digital world. This could be graphic design, digital marketing, digital platforms, etc.

All of these classes will give you valuable tools to add to your toolbox. One that will give you a little extra boost is digital platforms. That’s because if you take that course you’re then eligible to become apart of the Learn to Earn Program.

What is the Learn to Earn Program?

The Learn to Earn program is a way for students to take all the knowledge they’ve learned so far in their education and supercharge it. You work with real-world clients with guidance and support. You learn how to ACTUALLY do digital marketing. You learn what really works and what really doesn’t.

Aquire digital skills through Learn to Earn at Sheridan College

Digital skills aren’t going to be the answer for everyone but if you’re here I’m assuming you have some interest in the digital environment and you’re willing to learn. Many say the best way to acquire new skills is to learn by doing. The Learn to Earn Program at Sheridan College is a great way to gain real-world experience. An experience that can quite literally land you a job after graduating. The experiences you’ll gain from Learn to Earn can give you the know-how and confidence to launch your own business.

Truly, there are endless opportunities that can arise from the experiences Sheridan students can gain through the program.

Take a look around our website to see if Learn to Earn is the answer to fill your toolbox with the skills you need to keep adapting to the world!


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