Do you want to increase your chances of finding a job when you graduate? 

Learn2Earn was born from an email received from an ex-student:
“Hello Garrett,
….since graduation, I have applied for many digital marketing jobs in the area but I am struggling to find employment. It’s quite depressing not to be able to find a job. I am trying to keep my head up and stay optimistic, but it’s difficult as I keep sending out resumes and not hearing back. I was wondering if you had any advice or knew of any opportunity for a young adult graduate like myself! I graduated with high grades!….”

I replied by stating the importance of building a portfolio that illustrates their applied digital marketing skills. It is essential to show employers that you are ready to hit the ground running. I expressed that real-world applied digital marketing skills will provide students with an advantage over other students applying to a job. Essentially you need to Learn to Earn.

I know what you are thinking! And you need not worry, you’ve stumbled across a program that with your hard work and dedication you’ll have your portfolio in no time. This is an applied digital marketing program and ideally, you would have completed some sort of digital marketing course, but it is not a mandatory requirement. Students undergo a 3 step process in the Learn2Earn program:
1.) Learn fundamentals
2.) Non-paid portfolio items
3.) Get connected with paid clients


Do you need some Digital Marketing support and do not know where to begin?

The process of setting up or optimizing the Digital Marketing for your small business can be overwhelming.

The Learn2Earn program was developed to benefit two parties, students looking to build their portfolios and small businesses needing help in digital marketing. Through the program, we facilitate the interaction between both parties and create a win-win environment.

The Learn2Earn program acts as a digital marketing agency and at the head of everything is the Digital Marketing Yoda, Garrett Hall, a well-respected Professor of Digital Marketing in the industry. Garrett has countless years of experience in the consulting environment and currently provides mentoring services to small businesses as part of EDGE’s Mentor-in-Residence.

The process would begin with an initial meeting to go over your business and marketing goals. Once we understand your needs and resources, we’ll work on a Strategic Digital Marketing plan. The implementation of the plan will be led by an account manager who will coordinate with students to create the content required all while being supervised by the Digital Marketing Yoda, Garrett Hall. It is important to know that the speed and direction of the digital marketing plan are up to your needs.


Interested in learning more?

There is a limit to how many students and clients can be accommodated! Please follow us on social media for updates.

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Stage 1

What Does The Business Need Overall:  Marketing is just one functional area of your business. Before anything is begun we will ensure that the client’s overall business needs are being considered.

Stage 2

Research:  Once we have a firm understanding of what the business needs from its marketing, we will review what has worked or not worked for the business. We will also look at the products & services, the customers and the competition.

Stage 3

What Does the Business Need From Its Marketing:  At this point, we know what the business needs and the marketing environment. With this information, we will now determine what are the most pressing marketing needs of the business.

Stage 4

Formulate a Campaign Strategy:  We know what the business needs from its marketing, we now develop a plan to undertake the first marketing campaign.

Stage 5

Execute the Campaign Strategy Via Selected Tactics:  With a marketing campaign strategy developed, we now execute the Digital Marketing promotion.

Stage 6

Measure the Effectiveness of The Digital Marketing Efforts:  Once we have completed the Digital Marketing promotion, we see how it worked (or did not).

Important to Note

Student and client involvement will be paced to ensure no one is overburdened. Marketing is fun!…

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